Freedom is evil?

OMG. Conservative billionaires are profiting from Hollywood? LOL. Why is this worth writing an article about?

For those who think of the Koch brothers as the evil power twins, I encourage you to listen to the two part Freakonomics podcast where Stephen Dubner interviews Charles Koch.

It amazes me how much good these guys do for the little guy and how vilified they are for it by people who say they are for the little guy.

These guys are so much for the little that they even openly support things that will help the little guy, but hurt their business. Here’s Dubner and Koch:

Stephen J. DUBNER: Now the public line on you is that, “Everything that Charles Koch or the Koch Brothers advocate societally or politically is just an effort to protect or extend their business interests.” Make your best case how and why that’s not so.

KOCH: We opposed extenders, the tax bill, which are tax exemptions. And we make a lot of money from those. We opposed this border-adjustment fee that would make us over a billion dollars a year. Do you want me to go on?

Now, I gotta check times to go see Wonder Woman.


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