Good point

Props to the Today show for, at least, interviewing the editor of Breitbart News and giving him some exposure.

Of course, in the introduction they do their best to marginalize and discredit Breitbart, with the slanted reporting that has caused mainstream media to lose its credibility with folks whose brainwashing hasn’t taken:

Critics call the site white nationalist, xenophobic and homophobic.”

Notice how they throw the taint of these awful accusations on the site, without actually making the claims themselves — just referring to generic ‘critics’. So, they can get off the hook if anyone holds them accountable. We didn’t say that, we just reported that critics have made these claims. 

Of course, good reporting would entail analyzing those critics’ claims to see if there was any basis for those claims and let viewers decide for themselves. But, we aren’t dealing with good reporting.

Anyway, now to the good point.

During the interview with the Breitbart’s editor, they brought up Trump’s tweet about Obama wiretapping him and how there’s no evidence. Breitbart’s editor pointed out that the claims that there was Russian interference in the elections, made by the Obama administration, also has not been substantiated by evidence, but the media doesn’t seem as concerned about the evidence in that case vs. Trump’s claims. Hmmm…


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