Trump’s cabinet (and Supreme Court) nominee express disagreement with Trump

Chris DeMuth, writing in The Wall Street Journal about disagreements between Trump and his cabinet members:

Pundits have used these differences to portray a new administration born in disarray. Yet perhaps we are witnessing something else. Such frankness from cabinet nominees is a refreshing departure from the customary spectacle of officials robotically repeating their talking points. President Trump has not only picked extraordinarily capable men and women, he has self-assuredly encouraged them to speak their minds. “I want them to be themselves,” he tweeted, “and express their own thoughts, not mine!”

President Trump may be rediscovering a venerable method of leadership that has been forgotten in our era of ideological messaging. Rather than viewing disagreement as a problem, previous American leaders wielded it as a tool.

I agree that disagreement is good.

Why? Because nobody has all the answers. If they think they do, they will be dangerous or ineffective. They won’t respond to feedback that they’re are wrong, no matter how overwhelming that feedback is.

Assuming someone is always right assumes a Deity.

So, when I see the media reporting every Cabinet-member and Supreme Court nominee disagreement with Trump as if things aren’t right in Trumpland, I’m thinking, that’s exactly what I want, what Trump wants and what you should want.

But, I can see how a liberal-biased media can see it otherwise. They don’t tolerate disagreement well, as evidenced by the tantrums they’ve been throwing of late (tune into SNL tonight to see the latest), so it seems odd and weak to them when they see it on open display.


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