Not only should Hollywood not be smug, they should be more grateful

Megan McArdle writes Hey Hollywood, Smugness Isn’t a Political Strategy.  Here’s McArdle:

Take Streep. She’s right that Trump should not have made fun of a disabled reporter. However, she surrounded that point with an extended discussion of how mean everyone was being to actors and journalists.

Correct. Plus, I’m not too worried about Meryl, Hollywood or journalists who feel vilified.

It’s tough to feel sorry for Streep after learning she attended a $40,000-a-plate dinner with President Obama in 2012.

You can afford $40,000-a-plate? I’d expect a much more gracious acceptance speech.

Something along the lines of, My gosh, I pinch myself everyday to see if the incredibly blessed life I’m leading is for real. Look around. We live in an unprecedented time and space on this planet. To think I can be so stinking rich and famous from something as unimportant as acting. Thanks!



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