Nice. If true.

President Obama Says He’d Back ‘Obamacare’ Repeal if GOP Has Better Plan.

Sounds good. But, this looks like a common ploy to make it look like you are being the better guy, when you have no intention of supporting anything they come up with.

Here’s how it usually plays out.

  1. He won’t consider any plan the GOP proposes to be better. Of course, no one will know until it’s actually tried. All he will have to rely on is various folks’ guesses at what might happen if the new plan were put in place.
  2. He will use an overly restrictive set of criteria to evaluate any new plan.
  3. This also positions the GOP into having to have a plan. What if a better ‘plan’ isn’t a plan, but fixing the things that distorted the insurance market to begin with, like the unequal tax treatment of health insurance costs for businesses and individuals? Not having a plan will be unacceptable!


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