Cognitive Dissonance

Definition (Google): “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.”

A couple recent examples:

  • Those, who before the election, lambasted Trump for saying he’d “wait and see” about whether he would accept the election results and then after the election did not accept the election results.
  • Those who wish to force cake makers, among other wedding businesses, to not be able to choose who they do business with, but also seem to be okay with people refusing to be associated with the Trump’s by refusing to make dresses for the Trump ladies, declining to perform at Trump events and my latest favorite, demanding that Ivanka remove their works from her walls.

I may be looking at these issues from the wrong angle. Both seem to have people holding disagreeing ideas. It’s okay for me, but not for thee. 

Maybe they see it from a different angle: What’s good for me, at the moment.

For example, they thought it was good for them to make a mountain of a molehill when Trump said he would wait-and-see on the election results.

After the election, they thought it was good for them to oppose the election results.

What journalists could ask those who didn’t accept the election results: Do you still believe Donald Trump was wrong for saying he would have to wait-and-see about the election results? 

My favorite recent example of hypocrisy was artists demanding Ivanka remove their paintings from her walls.

My guess is that those artists didn’t mind when the Trump’s paid them.

I speculate they couldn’t resist the temptation to gain publicity  when the opportunity presented itself. Again, what’s good for them, at the time.

What journalists could ask these artists: How much did money did you make when you sold your works to the Trump’s? Why weren’t you concerned about your association with the Trump’s when you sold your works to them?



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