Good start for MLS Mini-Pitch Initiative

Kudos to Major League Soccer (MLS), US Soccer and Southern New Hampshire University for it’s 20-for-20 Mini-Pitch Initiative.

They put 20 new mini soccer pitches in each MLS market.

In this post I advocated prioritizing getting more 5-a-side soccer courts out there over investing millions in coach training facilities.

I hope their efforts lead to more of these soccer courts and doesn’t just wind up as a marketing program. Twenty soccer courts isn’t enough.

Germany’s soccer federation built over 1,000 mini-soccer fields 10 years ago for its 80 million population. By that standard, the U.S. can use about 4,000 – 5,000 of these courts nationwide.

I understand that’s a lot to expect, but there are a lot of inexpensive things they could do to help bring these about that wouldn’t cost as much.

For example, they could provide materials that locals can use to help sell their local parks department and school districts and local sponsor on the benefits of these soccer courts, including such low cost ideas as converting existing tennis courts and blacktops.

But, good start.


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