A good lesson for millenniels: Assume all politicians are narcissists

I got a chuckle out of this article on millennial news site Quartz (QZ.com): Donald Trump: Coping with narcissistic personality disorder in the White House

Why the chuckle? Because it’s written as if Donald Trump will be the first president with this disorder.

I remember a time when I thought ‘my guy’ was okay and the ‘other guy’ was bad, but that naive self has long since past.

I learned at a rather young age to assume that all people seeking political office have some degree of narcissistic personality disorder — and those seeking the highest political position have the most. Also, just about any position that wields power in just about any organization or company, big and small. This affliction is also common among celebrities, sports stars, artists and presidents of homeowners associations.

If you don’t see it in ‘your candidate,’ you simply aren’t paying attention and you have been fooled by the polished, fake persona that tested well in focus groups.

I’ve found that assuming all politicians are narcissistic means I spend a lot less time defending people who I don’t know personally and I’m no longer disappointed when the person’s true self surfaces past the media glow.


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