Two noteworthy SNL skits

Besides David Pumpkins 100 Floors of Fright being one of the funniest SNL skits in recent memory, there was another noteworthy skit last night, Black Jeopardy.

In it, Kenan Thompson, plays host of a Jeopardy-style game show, that, as the name implies, is focused on things that would normally be considered black culture.

The three contestants: two black women, Keeley and Shanice, and a white, Trump supporter, Doug (played by guest host Tom Hanks, who also plays David Pumpkins in that skit).

The Black Jeopardy skit starts off with everyone dismissing Doug’s chances of being successful. But, as the game goes on Doug does well, revealing that there are elements of the two cultures that overlap.

The reason I thought this was noteworthy is that Thomas Sowell laid out the case for why that is in his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals.

As David S Pumpkins would say, Any questions?


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