This is what we get when you don’t vote for third parties

In 2011, I wrote Why I may “throw away my vote”.  

This election is good example of what I predicted might happen if we followed the conventional logic that voting for a third party candidate is like throwing your vote away because that’s one less vote for the lesser of two evils.

Under that voting logic, candidate choices drift further from what we want since candidates have less incentive to be what you want if you are going to vote for them anyway.

In the post from 2011, I gave the example of how the fiscal responsibility message of third party candidate Ross Perot garnered enough popular votes in the 1992 presidential election to get the attention of both major political parties and shift their platforms in that direction to attract those voters.

Now, here we are with the candidates for the two major parties seeming to be not what anyone wants. Perhaps it’s time to consider casting votes for third party candidates to send messages to the two major parties about what we want.


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