Wise words from Leslie Jones

I happened to hear a local radio station talk to Leslie Jones, comedian and actor, known for her lively performances on SNL and soon-to-be-known as a Ghostbuster.

I thought what she had to say was very wise and worth repeating.

First, during the interview, one of the DJ sidekicks mentioned his try at stand-up comedy. He bombed. He said it felt worse than death and hated that feeling. He asked Leslie how she deals with it.

She said, Bombing on stage is a part of being a comedian. You shouldn’t dread it. Learn from it. It’s really not a big deal.

That’s why she’s a comedian and he’s not. She understands that nothing’s perfect, not everyone will think your funny and some nights just won’t go so well. But, she doesn’t let that stop her.

When asked what she thought about the criticism the new Ghostbusters is receiving, her response was, she doesn’t take it seriously. I mean, the movie isn’t even about real things. There’s no such thing as a ghost buster.  It’s just for fun. Some people say I ruined their childhood [with this remake]. Honey, if this ruined your childhood your childhood was already much too delicate.


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