Thomas Sowell

Mark Perry about Thomas Sowell:

…there is no economist alive today who has done more to eloquently, articulately, and persuasively advance the principles of economic freedom, limited government, individual liberty, and a free society..

I agree. Perry’s post contains 16 (or is it 15?) of his favorite Sowell quotes that are worth a read.  Here’s a good one:

Helping the Poor. It was Thomas Edison who brought us electricity, not the Sierra Club. It was the Wright brothers who got us off the ground, not the Federal Aviation Administration. It was Henry Ford who ended the isolation of millions of Americans by making the automobile affordable, not Ralph Nader.

Those who have helped the poor the most have not been those who have gone around loudly expressing “compassion” for the poor, but those who found ways to make industry more productive and distribution more efficient, so that the poor of today can afford things that the affluent of yesterday could only dream about.

I think society would be better off if Sowell’s Basic Economics was used as the text for Econ 101. Maybe I should start a petition or something.

Get a book by Thomas Sowell now and read it. I think of this one often: White Liberals and Black Rednecks.


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