Lacking imagination

A friend recommended the app, Waze, to me. It’s a ‘community-based mapping app’ that helps plot the fastest way from point A to B based on real-time, current traffic conditions that it collects from other users of Waze.

Yes, helicopter pilot traffic reporters, you should be concerned about your jobs. The app has already helped me avoid several traffic jams that I would have hit if I had to rely on your every, 10-minute radio updates.

I think this is an interesting example of the public vs private debate. Traffic congestion is a problem with many solutions. Public solutions include things like building more lanes, installing traffic meters to push backups from highways to on-ramps of highways, networks of traffic flow meters, cameras and signboards, congestion pricing and other things.

Radio traffic reports are an example of a private solution to ease congestion. Waze is another that few people could have imagined.

I think is a great example to file away for the classic Public vs Private debates. Those debates center around which ways best solve problems.

Supporters of public solutions simply can’t imagine private solutions that could possibly solve such problems.

They fail to consider the reason they can’t imagine it is that they simply lack imagination. Rather, they give their imaginations too much credit.


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