A question that should be asked more

Setting. A nice neighborhood in a city with a bad public school district. The residents of this neighborhood are angry that the local high school that sits in their neighborhood is an abomination, especially since their money goes to support to it. The typical property tax bill in that neighborhood is about $6k per year.


A caller to a local radio program raises a good point. It’s well-known that the residents of this area lean liberal. She asked, I wonder who they voted for mayor, city council and the school board?

I think that would be a great question for the reporters airing this story to ask.

You have a good point. Your money is going to a failing school that hurts your property values. May we ask, who did you vote for the last 5 or 6 elections? Folks who just want to give more money to failing schools in hopes of fixing it, or folks who would rather do more effective things like support school choice and break the behemoth school district into smaller, more manageable pieces?

Better yet. Do you support school choice? Why or why not?


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