Some pet peeves

I didn’t realize August 10th was my last post. I must’ve been busy.

Pet peeve: When I visit a website and I’m immediately asked for an email address or to take a survey. You haven’t even won my business yet and you want me to give up something? How rude.

Thanks Microsoft for upgrading my computer to Windows 10. That took more time that I would have liked. I liked it even less when I logged back in and was asked to take a survey.

Here’s the answer to my survey: Every time you interrupt me with an upgrade or update or a request to take survey, it annoys and distracts me. I just want to use the computer for what I intended and not have to wade through a bunch of updates and surveys to get there.

Same goes for you Apple. As soon as I finished updating Windows, all my Apple devices got a notification that the OS needed to be updated. The last update wasn’t long ago.

1 thought on “Some pet peeves

  1. i actually told them that in the feedback. on the brighter side, win10 seems to run smoothly. my pet peeve is background programs i cant turn off. like ‘one drive’


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