Game changer?

I agree with this article in American Thinker by Lloyd Marcus. He thinks Trump is providing a refreshing challenge to the “iron-fist, out-of-control bullying tactics” used by the left and the media to control their politically-correct message.

The left and media have grown too cozy in framing news items to fit their desired message to get the results they want or to make the news themselves.

In this case, from the incessant drumbeat about what Trump said of McCain’s war hero status, they seemed to hope to at least get an apology (better yet if it’s on their show) that is all too common from spineless politicians who play not to lose. Or, maybe it could derail Trump’s presidential hopes.

I couldn’t help but think that Matt Lauer had hopes that he could broker an apology to put a feather in his cap when he got on the phone with Trump yesterday morning on the Today show.

I must say, I enjoyed watching Trump give a holier-than-thou Matt Lauer a hard time for how his show had represented his comments about John McCain and refused to roll over to the bully.

Do I support Trump?

No. I think he needs help formulating and articulating his ideas — especially from some good free market economists. His DIY view on immigration, for example, is sophomoric.

He and Warren Buffett have demonstrated to me that good business results don’t necessarily make for good economic though. Though, to give them both credit, they’ve likely been so busy building fortunes to have given it a lot of thought. But, I figured they’d be smart enough to know that. Yet, both seem at ease in their own ignorance when it comes to such matters.

But, Trump seems to be resonating. There are many like me and Lloyd who appreciate what appears to be his authenticity and backbone.

Perhaps Trump will demonstrate to others that this can stand up against the phony, focus-group-tested, offend-no-one facades other politicians use to get your vote.


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