Freedom works

The Wall Street Journal Weekend Interview quotes from Arthur Brooks’ book, The Conservative Heart:

Capitalism has saved a couple of billion people and we have treated this miracle like a state secret.

The key point Brook’s makes in the interview is that free markets is the best way to help the have-nots and Republicans/conservatives should be stressing that. Further, we should all know Adam Smith what he wrote in the Wealth of Nations and Theory of Moral Sentiments.

I agree.

It amazes me how far I got into life before discovering how free markets works for everyone. It wasn’t taught to me. I had to figure it on my own.

Free markets get knocked because of greed, but those doing the knocking don’t realize that greed exists with or without a free market. Greed exists in every form of social order. Government doesn’t minimize greed, it makes it worse by aiding cronysim by creating a gray market in authority.

I agree with Brooks. Conservatives should be looking for ways to articulate that freedom and free markets have better outcomes for everyone.

And, if you don’t support free markets because you haven’t taken the time to consider how they benefit everyone or you won’t let yourself see past the propagandized smearing of capitalism, then you really aren’t interested in helping the people that you claim you want to help. You are ‘the man’ holding them down.



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