Sign of a sports crazed culture

A parent complains and the school asks a special needs kid not to wear a varsity letter jacket. The school principal says that would not be appropriate because he did not participate in the sport at the varsity level.

What’s next? Will parents complain about schools awarding diplomas to graduates who cannot read, write or do arithmetic at the appropriate level? Don’t hold your breath.

It’s a sure sign of a sports crazed culture when a varsity letter holds a higher standard of merit than a high school diploma.

1 thought on “Sign of a sports crazed culture

  1. I’m trying to put this in perspective. Evidently, the principal feels that the kid didn’t earn the letter because he didn’t meet some standard. On one hand, he’s got a point. But, seriously, I suspect some are complaining because a high school varsity letter will be the high point of their pathetic lives. It’s ironic that a school official wants the bar set high when what I’ve seen over the last few decades is a lowering of standards by public schools. When I was in high school, the only teams that made it to the playoffs were ones with really good records: an 8-2 record was enough to end your season. Now, I see teams with losing records make it to the playoffs. In my own state, we’ve gone from 1 state champion to 8 state champions: big and little A thru AAAA. It;s a joke. So, a kid with Down’s syndrome gets a little joy out of wearing a letter. Big deal. I would gladly trade all of my high school letters if it meant my kid wouldn’t be born disabled.


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