If you really cared about income inequality, you’d be interested in these questions

There’s a lot of noise about stagnating income for the lower classes and income inequality, with strong desires to use government to fix these problems.

Something occurred to me as I was reading Alan Reynold’s excellent Wall Street Journal piece discussing some of the problems with such data, problems that those pushing the stagnating message don’t seem willing to address.

But let’s ignore the data problems for now and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Many government programs — Federal, state and local — intended to reduce poverty and reduce inequality have been put in place and ballooned over the very time frame that the income inequality groups squawk about.

One question they don’t seem interested in asking or answering is: Why haven’t these programs worked?

“More” seems to be the only thing they are interested in.

Another question that might be worth asking is: Have some of these programs caused the problems?

That they are unwilling to consider these questions reveals something that I find disturbing, so disturbing that it caused me to question my liberalness when I was young: they do not care about works and what doesn’t work for the people they purport to want to help. They only care about what makes them look good to the people they wish to identify with and what will get them votes from the same.

3 thoughts on “If you really cared about income inequality, you’d be interested in these questions

  1. Let’s look at the players:

    The politicians who enact the laws that put these programs in motion care less about solving the problem than they do about creating indebted voters. The goals isn’t to solve their problem. It’s to keep them indebted.

    The recipients of the goodies that these programs give out have little or no incentive to go from getting something for doing nothing to getting something for doing something. Why work when you can relax in the safety hammock and play video games?

    And finally, the government employees who actually run these programs. They may not be rocket scientists, but they recognize that solving the problem puts them out of a cushy job.


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