What happens to things that are too big to fail?

One good rule to keep in mind from Peggy Noonan’s Wall Street Journal column contrasting Bob Simon and Brian Williams:

Things that are too big to fail, fail.


In another WSJ opinion column on the subject of Williams, Peter Kann wrote:

In part Mr. Williams is symptomatic of larger social trends where traditional virtues like modesty and privacy have given way to the spotlight of self-promotion, where even lives too pedestrian for the paparazzi become an endless series of selfies. But, lest we descend too deeply into pop psychology, the larger blame belongs with Mr. Williams himself and the hubris of an anchorman who lacked the anchor of common sense and self-restraint.

I like how he mentions the larger ‘selfie’ trend, but still doesn’t let up on Williams’ personal responsibility in the matter.


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