The stories that we are about to report on were inspired by actual events

Thomas Sowell wonders if facts are obsolete.

I agree. We can no longer distinguish journalism from the tabloids. But, I suppose, they are responding to incentives.

Tabloid journalism sells because people consume it.

I think the key question should be why do people consume it and/or prefer it to fact-based journalism?

Do we like drama so much that we don’t care whether it’s real or made up? “Reality” TV may prove that many of us do.

Perhaps newscasts should begin with a disclaimer that the stories they are about to report on were inspired by actual events.

Update: In his piece, Sowell reveals a fact about the Eric Garner case that I did not know (in bold):

…Garner did not die with a policeman choking him.

He died later, in an ambulance where his heart stopped. He had a long medical history of various diseases, as well as a long criminal history. No doubt the stress of his capture did not do him any good…

If this is true, then the media needs to do some soul searching. Sowell continues with:

…and he might well still be alive if he had not resisted arrest. But that was his choice.

In 2012, I wrote about an affliction I dubbed Blame Disorder. This would be a good case of that.


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