We get what we vote for

This made me laugh. Glenn Reynolds wrote on Instapundit:

LIFE IN THE ERA OF HOPE AND CHANGE: NYC police chief: Tensions like ’70s.

You know what else is like the Seventies? The Democratic solutions to the problems they caused: Dem: Cops should focus on gun control. These guys haven’t had a new idea since 1968.

True. Why would they? It’s sounds good enough to get them elected. If a football team scores touchdowns from passing, they’ll keep passing.

2 thoughts on “We get what we vote for

  1. It amazes me that NYPD officers are made villains for enforcing the multitude of restrictions created by popular leaders. Does anyone make the connection between laws created by politicians and the consequences reaped in an attempt to arrest a man for breaking the law?

    • Hi Joel – Few do. It’s a tenuous connection. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the people who think that the police were being obnoxious in enforcing this law, also support high taxes on cigarettes to cover the increased medical costs, decrease usage or just as a reliable source of income for education.

      They just don’t take it one step further and think about what should be done with those who try to avoid that tax. Do nothing and it won’t be long before the gray market mostly undercuts the tax.

      Thanks for the comment and welcome to the dinner table..


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