Speaking of political rights

I happened to come across a well-said remark from President Harry S. Truman’s radio remarks on election eve in 1948:

I hope that all of you who are entitled to vote will exercise that great privilege. When you vote, you are in control of your Government.

5 thoughts on “Speaking of political rights

    • I believe that also assumes that the non-voting minorities would vote for the same candidates as their voting counterparts. Stereotypes are everywhere.

    • Hi dave — Sounds good on the surface, but my guess is that it could lead to an unintended consequence of having representation by PAC, as the PACs and coalitions of PACs would just field candidates from their pools but have the same groups of people pulling strings in Washington for votes.

      • appreciate your insight. ive been thinking a lot about it. i think i understand your concern – the executive is term-limited but seems to always be selected from two ‘pacs’ – the republican party and the democratic party.

        youre right, that probably wont change until the electorate becomes much more engaged (if that is ever going to happen)

        my desire is to get rid of entirely ineffective representation. our congress has entirely abdicated their constitutional responsibility to declare war, and the effects of that have been destructive on a scale which could make it impossible for the human race to recover. we can only waste so much money on broken windows, right?

        i will never advocate for violent revolution, but i think our congress needs a serious overhaul. term limits seems like the best place to start. your thoughts? is there a way to just better engage the electorate?


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