A nutrition group learns what I learned nearly 3 years ago

The Washington Post reported that the School Nutrition Association “has done an about face” on the First Lady’s school nutrition program because children throw away too much of the healthy stuff, wasting lots of money.

I learned this three years ago when McDonald’s offered a healthier Happy Meal.


1 thought on “A nutrition group learns what I learned nearly 3 years ago

  1. Dr. Patricia Riba, a pediatrician who specializes in treating obesity, mentioned a study where a “healthy” choice was added to the menu options for kids. The result was that kids actually made worse choices when a healthy voice was added than if the healthy choice was absent.

    Here’s a link to one of her interviews on youtube:

    The federal government’s role is clearly limited and defined by the Constitution for good reason. The public sector does virtually everything worse than the private sector.


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