Better than charity

I agree (2nd to last paragraph), somewhat, with Google founder Larry Page: Give money to capitalists instead of charity (via Carpe Diem).

Where I disagree is that you don’t need to give them money. Rather, invest in them. Invest in entrepreneurship. Maybe get kids diddling less time away chasing college scholarships to play sports heavily subsidized by taxpayers and more time creating stuff of value.

Here’s more from me and Richard Branson on the subject.

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2 thoughts on “Better than charity

  1. Great points. Charity devalues the property being transferred. Setting up a VC trust, an entrepreneurial or innovation prize committee, or scholarships are better “investments” in the future. People earn the money through their productive achievements. (The Gates foundation is somewhat like this.)

    Instead of giving the money away, you are funding future advancements and buying future products. Now that’s a legacy!

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