Middle class is okay

One sign of lackluster American education is that politicians who use the shrinking middle class prop get votes instead of laughs.

Post title from Carpe Diem: “Today’s new homes are 1,000 square feet larger than in 1973, and the living space per person has doubled over last 40 years”

Weathermen are smart enough to look out the window to make sure that what they see with their own two eyes matches with their models and instrument.

If you believe the shrinking middle class myth, I suggest spending more time looking out your window and paying attention. Not only have house sizes grown, but middle class homes also include many more amenities than even 15 years ago such a bathroom (or at least bathroom sink) for everyone, walk-in closets, jetted tubs, three car garages, finished basements and the new trend, outdoor living spaces, to name a few.

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2 thoughts on “Middle class is okay

  1. According to this article, part of the reason the middle class is shrinking as a population is because many of them are becoming rich.


    That’s actually great news, but the spin machine lives on doom and gloom. I saw another article (can’t find it right now) that said that the problem was that the middle class people who then become wealthy tend to vote Republican because they don’t want to lose the wealth they worked so hard to get. It was funny that the author didn’t get it and was bemoaning people getting ahead in life because they voted differently than he’d want. Lefty illogic.

  2. A key institution that gives people an incentive to be productive is property rights. In many countries where property rights are not enforced, people have less incentive to produce more than they can immediately consume because the worry that some envious person or persons will take what they produced.

    In the fantasy world of the leftists, people would work just as hard even if they know that someone will take it away.


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