Does the majority overrule morality?

From Walter Williams column, Concealing Evil:

Some might argue that we are a democracy, in which the majority rules. But does a majority consensus make moral acts that would otherwise be deemed immoral?

Good question.

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2 thoughts on “Does the majority overrule morality?

  1. The answer to that question is very simple actually – no. This is something explored by many political philosophers and social scientists over the past few centuries, perhaps most famously by Rousseau, Marx and others. It’s one of many fundamental problems with parliamentary democracy and the idea of a “mandate” for any definite length of time. Just look at how the perceived mandate if the Turkish government was so vulgarly abused last year. I believe this is often referred to as ‘tyranny of the majority’. Paradoxically, the tyranny never reflects the actual majority though – just an illusion of a majority.


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