Just a reminder

With Obamacare, here we again find ourselves with a government-made disaster on our hands. There’s much discussion about how ‘we’ fix it or change it, how to make it workable, how the GOP has no solutions…etc.

I hear very little discussion about why we even want these buffoons to touch this stuff.

It’s a good time to remind folks of some wise words from Walter Williams.


4 thoughts on “Just a reminder

  1. Two categories of people give me the most cause for concern. Those who find any of this surprising and those who don’t (or won’t) acknowledge that (1) barry (he only merits lower case) lied, (2) that Obamacare is a disaster, and (3) that Obamacare functioning as the left had planned is still a disaster although perhaps for different reasons.

    That’s perhaps the biggest myth, that if Obamacare was working as the Obama administration envisioned, it would still be a disaster for the nation both economically and in terms of the medical care that people receive.

    Barry’s a rare piece of “work” (momma told me to say work whenever I was tempted to say the s word). He demands our patience and understanding and wants plenty of time to work out the “glitches” in his computer system that he couldn’t get right in 3 years with $500 Million to work with, yet he wants the insurance companies – on his say so alone – to ignore the law and fix the mess that he created in less than six weeks. It reminds me of an old Johnny Paycheck song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzGoDtmTllg


  2. Can you start a thread on the wussification of America?


    I think that overprotection of our children from and underexposure of them to “bad” or unsafe things hardships, disappointments and short-term failures and frustrations is a much bigger problem that people recognize. In fact, rather than allowing their children to be exposed to the harsh realities of life and competition – much less expecting and encouraging them to encounter and deal with these problems – parents protect and shield their children and thereby deny them the necessary opportunities to grow and develop as humans.

    The bully, the unfair teacher, the angry coach, the mean friends, and now even the spicy food aren’t the real problem. Sure, they are problems in the sense that they are unpleasant things that must be dealt with, but that’s the point – the MUST be dealt with, and sooner or later, kids will grow up (at least chronologically) and have to face these – and bigger – problems. The problem then is really not being able to deal with the problems (let’s call the situations) in a manner that is (1) acceptable to society from a moral, legal and ethical standpoint, and (2) effective and efficient (that is, it gets the job done and it gets it done at the minimum “cost” to you).

    In addition to the obvious EXTERNAL situations (bullies, bad bosses, unfair teachers, etc) that one must learn to deal with, there are also INTERNAL situations that one must learn to deal with lest we label him (or her) a wuss. How one responds to failures and disappointments is also important. Indeed, many would argue that the chief determinant of success is how a child deals with “unpleasant situations.” I use this term to include both failures and disappointments, i.e. doing poorly on a test, not winning at a sporting contest, etc. as well as having to wait to get what one wants (delayed self-gratification).

    When your kid comes running to you with a problem, it may be appropriate to reassure him that you love him and have his back, but you can do that while telling him to deal with the problem (and perhaps issuing some guidance) rather than telling him that YOU will fix it. That doesn’t give him the tools to be able to fix it (and bigger problems) when he grows up (chronologically).

    And if you don’t like my suggestions……….deal with it!

    • I saw a pretty good sign hanging above someone’s house the other day. It read:

      “To avoid criticism you must
      do nothing
      say nothing
      and be nothing”

      Perhaps we could just change the word criticism to danger and we’d have a witty saying to throw at the problem.


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