On my mind

My post from October 2 has been on my mind quite a bit lately.

So rare is it for politicians to be around when the their grand plans — and the inevitable messes — come to fruition. Usually they are remembered for the intentions their plans had, but distant memories by the time the real trouble hits.

Now, one month after that post, the disingenuous ‘accountability-taking’ seems to be taking some toll on the administration’s credibility.

Now, we are entering the next phase…the time when people find out how their 2014 Obamacare plans compare to the 2013 non-Obamacare plans. I finally got a peek at my company’s insurance plans for 2014 and my premiums appear to be going up, not down. Wasn’t this supposed to be reducing the cost of health care?


1 thought on “On my mind

  1. “Wasn’t this supposed to be reducing the cost of health care?”

    Evidently, he wasn’t talking to you. From the reports coming in about the change in premiums, it’s not clear who he was talking to. Of course, the excuse from the leftists will be that when measured against the new benefits you get, your premiums really did go down.

    Not only will most of key the politicians responsible for enacting ObamaCare be retired from politics and hence immune from political retribution, they will also have spared themselves from the financial costs of the law they forced upon the rest of us.


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