I agree with Barack Obama?

Driving around at lunch today, I heard a conservative talker on the radio play an Obama sound bite where he said something like, For those who don’t agree with the direction we’re going, make your argument and get out and win an election.

The conservative talker attacked this by saying that the conservative congressman and senators did win elections.

But, I know what Obama meant. Don’t just win a half of one branch of government. Win at least one branch.

I agree.

For those who don’t like the direction government is going, the issue isn’t Barack Obama or any individual in the House or Senate. It’s that more people voted for them. Those voters seem okay with their politicians making up the powers of government as they go along.

Even if you didn’t vote for Obama or a Democrat, there’s a good chance that you voted for a Republican that isn’t much different.

When you hear someone say that a politician is more worried about getting re-elected than doing what’s right for the country, there’s an overlooked truth in there that says more about the electorate than it does about the politician.



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