Random thoughts on the government shutdown

A friend, on Facebook, wonders why government workers who aren’t working should be paid retroactively for not working. I wonder the same thing.

Government officials appear to be overreaching by barricading us out of our public spaces. They seem to have forgotten who they work for.

Another friend wondered how much it cost to put up the barricades and to make it a point to shut down everything.

On the news report of the woman who was shot and killed in DC, I heard that the officers who shot her ‘were not getting paid due to the shutdown.’ Is that true? Will they not be paid retroactively when the government starts up again?

With the theatrics and the conflict of the shutdown, I wonder why anybody wants government to become more involved in anything.

Update: The audaciousness of this government shutdown felt familiar to me. Mike M’s comment helped me recall what it reminds me of.

It reminds me of when the Republic turned into the Empire, in Star Wars, and the clone troopers were re-purposed by now Emperor Palpatine from fighting for freedom to doing his bidding.

Federal Government workers now appear to have stopped working for us and started doing the bidding of one person.

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts on the government shutdown

  1. Hi Seth – I was hoping you would post something on the shutdown. A national wildlife refuge is located close to my home. One of my favorite workouts is to either hike (with a 30# backpack) or bike up the tallest mountain in the refuge, a 3-4 mile trek up a very steep incline, Wednesday, I arrived at the base of the mountain with my bike and noticed the gate (not an insurmountable obstacle) was shut and there was a sign saying all programs and activities were cancelled.

    Naturally, I figured (or perhaps hoped) that this applied to vehicular traffic and I traversed the heretofore mentioned minor obstacle and set out on my ride. Besides, if the refuge was really closed and the staff was laid off, who would stop me? Well, about 20 minutes into my ride, two park rangers – complete with assault rifles and bulletproof vests – pulled up beside me and informed me that I couldn’t be there and had to leave immediately. They were friendly, but obviously had instructions to make sure people were not using the facilities. Then they set off to track down a hiker who, instead of using the road, took a path up the side of the mountain.

    Now, let me be very clear about the “facility”. The only “facility” on the mountain is the road from the base to the top and the only activity that I have ever observed involving park staff is when they open and close the gate at sunrise and sunset. There are no bathrooms, water fountains, etc.

    So, despite the government shutdown, the staff – or much of it – was “working” (they also advised me that they had been told they would get there paychecks , but that they would be delayed until after the shutdown). The impression that I got – they told me to complain to congress – was that the plan was to inconvenience visitors so that visitors would put pressure on congress. At any rate, I found it troubling that if the government is paying these guys anyway, why aren’t they paying them to work for us rather than against us? They are actually doing MORE work in harassing and expelling visitors than they did when the refuge was open!

    Then I saw this in the news tonight:


    PARK RANGER: “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can.”

  2. I’m confused by the Big 0’s rhetoric. He’s “willing to compromise”, but won’t negotiate!?!?!?

    If he would place the good of the nation above his politicking, he would have at least a small chance of masquerading as a leader. Our so called “post partisan” POTUS has proved to be the most partisan hack in my lifetime to occupy the WH.

    I think the Republicans would settle for exemptions applied equally across the board and delays/waivers for all or delays/waivers for none.

    I’m not sure why Mr. 0 thinks he has the authority to offer these delays and waivers. It’s not in the law. Maybe it’s because of the name, Obamacare!

    In Federalist #57, the chief architect of the U.S. Constitution, James Madison, explained that the new nation would remain free only so long lawmakers had to live by the same laws they imposed on the public.


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