Why I like Obamacare

There are a couple of reasons.

First, it’s rare that politicians are still in office when the unintended consequences of their grand plans begin to come to fruition.

Second, a key problem I have with government is the feedback. Government activities are intention-driven, rather than results-driven. As Milton Friedman once said (HT: Cafe Hayek):

Well, there are fewer limits on what you can promise than on what you can deliver.

But, since Obamacare touches everybody, I think results may matter more. 


4 thoughts on “Why I like Obamacare

  1. But Seth, Obama has reassured us that “there’s no widespread evidence that ObamaCare has hurt jobs.” Don’t you trust him?

    I agree that in addition to those who recognize Obamacare’s real purpose – control of a large sector of the economy and wealth redistribution – for what it is, there are many who supported Obama who now question the left’s promise of lower costs, higher quality and easier access. In terms of it’s unintended (or unannounced) consequences though, I think we are only seeing the very tip of the iceberg.

    In terms of feedback, unless the feedback reaches a critical level soon enough – 2014 and 2016 – it becomes increasingly likely that the American people will allow the slow creep of soft despotism to “fundamentally transform the USA.”

      • I think we are seeing two things when it comes to ObamaCare:

        1. The additional costs imposed by ObamaCare that make companies refrain from expanding, not only because of the direct costs to them, but also because their customers face increased costs and don’t have the money to make new purchases, i.e. they cannot make both the purchases required by ObamaCare AND the purchases they would have made without ObamaCare. That’s the “what isn’t seen” that Bastiat warned about.

        2. In an attempt to avoid the costs imposed by ObamaCare, many companies are considering the costs and using part time, rather than full time, employees. This is probably inefficient for most companies, but less costly. Think about that for a minute! It underscores just how costly ObamaCare actually is for these businesses that a less efficient method of operating their business actually beneficial to their bottom line. I am sure you appreciate that long term, this makes it even harder for our economy to grow (the growth that the big O was counting on to pay for all his spending).

        I think you are correct regarding the breaking point – we have either reached it or are very close. The slow but steady increase in the entitlement state promoted by the left reminds me of the story about the farmer who thought he could save money by adding a little sawdust to his cow’s food. The first month, he added 10% sawdust to their feed and noticed no problemsSo, he decided to add 20% the next month – and still the cows produced their normal amounts of milk. So, the next month he fed them 100% sawdust, When the cows started keeling over dead, he was puzzled and muttered, “Dumb cows.”

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