Free markets reduce conflict

As Obamacare nears, I’m reminded of this post and one of favorite Walter Williams’ columns, Conflict or Cooperation (accessible through the linked post).

It’s good to remember, majority rule creates conflict, free markets reduces it.

3 thoughts on “Free markets reduce conflict

  1. It will be interesting to see how young voters respond to ObamaCare once they realize that they are subsidizing the medical care of older adults. Will they remain low information voters and fail to recognize this? Have they been indoctrinated by the progressive educators to the point that they accept this? It’s hard to imagine that the shifting of costs to the young by ObamaCare will not create significant conflict between the generations.

  2. Sorry to hijack the thread, but this has been bugging me for some time now.

    EVERY solution that Obama announces he describes as “comprehensive”. It has become the most hackneyed adjective in his vocabulary. Here’s what bugs me:

    1. As noted above, he’s used it so frequently that it has become worn out. I would be taken aback if he announced a plan that he didn’t describe as comprehensive. I truly believe that he uses it, not because he believes his plan is comprehensive, but because he believes it plays well with the low information voters, i.e. when 0 proclaims his plan to be comprehensive, the LIVs assume he’s thought of all the possibilities and has everything covered.

    2. For those of you familial with the works of Bastiat on unintended consequences and Hayek on the hubris of central planners in assuming that they imagine they have the smarts to know better than the market, you’ll appreciate the arrogance of Obama in pronouncing his solutions as comprehensive.

    OK, back to our regular program.


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