Personal choice

From Walter Williams column, You Don’t Have to Stay Poor:

No one can blame you if you start out in life poor, because how you start is not your fault. If you stay poor, you’re to blame because it is your fault.

This is Williams’ opener for his review of a new book from Dennis Kimbro, “The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires.”

We hear a lot in this country about the rich and poor. We hear how ‘something’ holds the poor back and gives advantages to the rich and how this ‘something’ disproportionately affects certain groups of people.

Solutions offered to solve this problem tend to be in the form of social safety nets and welfare.

But, I’ve often wondered why we just don’t ask the people who are successful in those disproportionate groups what they think contributed to their success. It looks like Kimbro did just that.

I have a suggestion for Kimbro. Next focus on middle class and upper middle class. We probably all won’t become millionaires, but it would be good to hear from some people who are doing okay. Is it that there just happened to be enough room in the upper ranks of income to let them get past that ‘something’ that tends to hold their group back, or is their success more a result of their own choices, values and habits?

Williams share some of those habits from Kimbro’s millionaires. Publishing billionaire, W. Clement Stone, said:

If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.

And generally:

Be passionate, and focus on unique strengths; develop clear, delineated goals. Then develop strong work ethic. Recognize the power of ideas, and never consider the possibility of failure. Be thrifty and frugal in nature.

Sounds like a good read.

Why not encourage people to adopt such habits and attitudes?

1 thought on “Personal choice

  1. Those who are poor and recognize that the problem is internal have a much higher success than those who feel the problem is external, but that’s the case for anyone who is an a particular condition and desires to be in some other condition.


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