Sound-good politics beginning to ring hollow

Now Obama wants government to be the Consumer Reports for colleges. Whatever.

Judging from his uninspired speeches, I don’t think he is even buying his own BS.

4 thoughts on “Sound-good politics beginning to ring hollow

  1. Most Americans say that the most pressing concern is the economy – the remainder are either liberal career politicians or slackers content to stay in the safety hammock. What a leader should be doing is addressing fundamental economic principles – incentives matter, resources are scarce therefore people must make choices (trade offs), etc. – and applying them to our laws and executive orders. Instead, mister obama continues to play politics and pander to various special interest groups with programs and policies that are at best trivial distractions and at worst further steps toward big brother dictating every facet of our private lives.

  2. From 1979 forward administrative positions at universities have soared. One might entitle the phenomena: the second coming of the post office. From 1979 forward tuition rates soared. Hence we have soaring administrative positions and soaring tuition. Related?

    Moreover, the administrative acceleration is directly or indirectly politico driven. Some administrative positions are the result of political constituency building exercises while others are a result of politico legislation spawning regulation and hence regulatory paper-pushers to comply.

    Meanwhile, at many universities administration positions now outnumber instructor/professor positions.

    Mr. Obama merely leaves the base price driver in place as he benefits from the both the creation of political constituency building exercises and regulatory paper-pusher positions. It is pure political dupery and nitwitery to propose and promote the belief that a scoring system somehow reduces price.

    • Hi W.E. Good to hear from you. I’m sure with this plan there will be even more administrative positions created at universities to collect data for the ratings and to ‘manage’ it to gain favor.

    • The government subsidized tuitions. The universities responded rationally to the shift in the demand curve by raising their price. Just like free cheese, this money attracted – what else – rats (a.k.a. school administrators and professors of bogus studies, e.g. AfroAmerican Studies, Women’s Studies, etc.). These parasites are rationally driven to vote for politicians who will help them keep tuitions high and will mandate bogus administrative positions, e.g. office of diversity, etc.


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