I’m surprised we don’t hear this word more often. It came out of the discussion on my previous post. I thought it might be original because I don’t recall hearing it before.

But, it is a word and it means what I wanted it to. It means:

the tendency toward extension of the role of government

I think too often discussions in this country go off track because of the “What is it?” red herring. That is, we spend a lot of time trying to fit societies and what people believe into existing -isms like socialism, capitalism, fascism, communism, etc.

But, often these -isms don’t quite fit.

Maybe using the word governmentalism will help keep discussion on track.


3 thoughts on “Governmentalism

  1. Awesome!

    I’m willing to bet that if you showed most governmentalists the meaning of this word they would say that they weren’t governmentalists but instead were simply seeking the best solutions to problems. That is to say, most people don’t think of themselves (or at least talk publicly about themselves) as lazy and willing to sacrifice their freedom for convenience even if they actually behave in that way.

    • Notice, the definition doesn’t require them to think of themselves as lazy and willing to sacrifice their freedom. It only requires that they support an expanded role of government. There really is no pejorative with the word. If someone supports an expanded role of government to support some solution, they are by definition (at least in that instance) a governmentalist.


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