Solving the wrong problems

I work with two contractors who are evaluating health insurance options because of Obamacare. They have been happy with their high-deductible, low premium insurance.

They are now discovering that the deductibles on their plans are too high to qualify as Obamacare plans and their insurance companies will not continue to offer them. They figure that changing to a lower-deductible, Obamacare-approved plan will increase their monthly insurance costs by $600 – $800 per month.

It seems I remember someone saying something like, if you’re happy with your insurance plan you can keep it (though, I guess not literally).

4 thoughts on “Solving the wrong problems

  1. I have high deductible, low premium insurance. Catastrophic insurance is what people call it sometimes. It’s cheap but unless you REALLY jack yourself up, it doesn’t cover much of anything.

    Are companies no longer allowed to offer those kind of policies anymore under the new health care laws?

    • High deductible plans will still be available. I believe their deductible was over the limit, though. I think they said it needed to be around $12k and they are $15k.

  2. Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s right hand man, famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” and progressives use every opportunity the can to take advantage of emotions over rational thinking to steer the debate their way. That’s the difference between the left and the right. The right supports their positions with rational arguments while the left, because their positions fall apart under close scrutiny, resort to playing on people’s emotions.

    The global warming “crisis” is but one example where we are uncovering evidence every month that government and liberal scientists have either altered dated or purposely omitted data that is contrary to their agenda, which is really not saving the planet, but controlling resources. Now we find this:

    How convenient!

    But what’s that got to do with health care?

    Well, it’s the same M.O. The left created the problem by subsidizing health care, which we all know from Econ 101 raises prices. Then they have the unmitigated gaul to complain about the high process and insist that government needs to do something about the high prices it created…but their solution has always been more of the same, i.e. more subsidies. It seems like every day a new problem is discovered concerning ObamaCare. Whether it’s new costs or higher cost estimates or problems with implementation, it’s clear that the Democrats in Congress (and this was entirely their doing) should have figured out and allowed us to see what was in it BEFORE they passed it rather than the other way around. Instead of rational examining the provisions of ObamaCare and arguing their merits and faults, the Democrats used hyperbole and fear (the Republicans will push granny off the cliff) to support THEIR agenda – and make no mistake, ObamaCare is not about improving our health care, but about controlling more of the economy (power and money).


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