Generational Tech Habits

1. It rarely occurs to me to pause a live show if I have to step out of the room for a moment. My kid does it regularly.

2. At just about any given time, I’m carrying 3 or 4 cameras. It rarely occurs to me use them.

Though, I am getting better. For example, when we ‘whiteboard’ in a meeting, rather than copying what we wrote on the whiteboard into my notes by hand, I regularly take photos of the whiteboard.

Another example. Recently I was on vacation, jogging on the beach and I received a text from a friend, “Where r u?“.  I snapped a photo of the beach and waves rolling in and sent it to him. His response, “Nice. I guess you won’t be available for lunch today then.


1 thought on “Generational Tech Habits

  1. I have no idea if this means anything, but in our firm it often seems that its some of the ‘older’ people (40-50+) who are best at taking pictures of the white boards. I never remember to do that!

    I’ll try and dig up the source shortly, but an interesting stat I heard recently was that there is an age cut-off for how people ring doorbells. People over something like 16 ring doorbells w/ their index fingers while people younger than that use their thumbs, ostensibly b/c they’ve been texting for most of their lives and instinctively use their thumb first.


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