Paperless Office

I’ve been hearing about the paperless office for decades. But, as technology was integrated into business, it seemed like more paper was generated.

One example: When we had meetings, we had to make copies of the presentation for everyone. We all took notes on those copies and then went back to our desks and refined the presentations based on the notes. Over the course of weeks, my paper recycling box would become stuffed with the remnants of this process.

I just noticed recently that has changed. We all have laptops, tablets and wi-fi that work pretty well. We have LCD projectors in most of our meeting rooms. We email the presentation to the meeting participants and we project it on the wall. So, meeting participants follow along on their own computer or on the projected presentation. We make notes, electronically, directly on the presentation.

I looked around at a meeting this week and noticed it. I went back to my desk and looked at my paper recycling box. I couldn’t find my paper recycling box. I haven’t needed it for months and I haven’t paid much attention.

Sometimes change happens and you simply don’t notice it.


1 thought on “Paperless Office

  1. every month for the past several years i have been receiving a statement from bank of america for my corporate credit card. every month my purchases are printed on the first page and the second page (which is actually labelled page 3 and page 4) has a note about bank of americas ‘environmentally friendly’ policy. while it is great that they are printing their statements on both sides of the paper-wouldnt it be even greater if they could eliminate an entire sheet of paper and just avoid telling me about how good they are for the environment?


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