Silver Lining

It’s taken quite a lot of scandals, but a silver lining is that it’s getting people to think, ask questions and listen.

In the past few weeks, many friends and family have asked questions about politics they normally don’t ask. They’ve dropped the emotional hyper charge and they’ve listened.

One conversation did start to devolve into emotions though…Well your guys are just as bad. I said, my guys? That’s the thing. I don’t trust politicians…not even the ones I think I like. It’s much easier that way. With that approach, you will want to limit the powers on all them and not get tricked into believing that your guy can be trusted.


1 thought on “Silver Lining

  1. Scandals are a great opportunity for discussion because people begin to realize that while they may be rooting for a political team (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist) that all people are subject to the power of corruption.


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