The PRISM Litmus Test

I’ve heard quite a few folks over the past few days say they aren’t bothered by PRISM, since they have nothing to hide. I haven’t heard anyone ask these people what they felt about the warrantless wiretapping with Bush was President. I wish they would.

I think this is a good litmus test. Many folks trust ‘their guys’ with powers. But, if you don’t trust ‘the other guys’ with it, then you shouldn’t want ‘your guys’ to have it either, because someday, the other guys might be in power again.

I didn’t like Bush having warrantless wiretapping powers for this reason, so at least I’m consistent.

Also, given the IRS revelations, is it a far stretch to believe that PRISM could be abused for non-security purposes?

Update: I have to admit, though, that’s a damn good name for such a government program. It sounds like something out of War Games or Robocop.


2 thoughts on “The PRISM Litmus Test

  1. Tell these folks to read Harvey Silverglate’s “Three Felonies a Day” and get back with you (they can read excerpts here

    or order from Amazon.

    Could PRISM be used for non-security purposes? Ya think?!?

    Would a POTUS who became a U.S. senator only by virtue of David Axelrod’s former employer, the Chicago Tribune, ripping open the sealed divorce records of his (Obama’s) two principal opponents find it objectionable to resort to other underhanded tactics? Google “Jack Ryan” or “Blair Hull”


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