John Papola’s attempt at a productive discussion

This may be the beginning of a good discussion on economic worldviews (HT: Pretense of Knowledge) and is definitely worth a read.

Here’s a snippet of him responding to his opponent:

Mr. Livingston kicks off his rebuttal with a politically-charged round of ridicule complete with a barrage of buzzwords like “austerity,” “trickle-down” and “Reaganomics” whose sole purpose is to rile partisan fervor in the reader. My argument was thus hand-waved away as mere “faith” in classical economics with the assertion that “no amount of evidence” can shake me of my baseless dogma.

2 thoughts on “John Papola’s attempt at a productive discussion

  1. Snort! The econstories videos of Keynes vs. Hayek are brilliant. How had I gone so long without discovering those?

    • Yes, they are fantastic.

      I think John P. is a good example of where our higher education credentialing system is missing the boat. Through self-study, a partnership with an Econ professor (Russ Roberts) and his own initiative, he has gained an advanced understanding of economics and the field of economics and has produced media that articulates that understanding very well to a lay audience. His work has even been endorsed by economists with opposing viewpoints as being mostly fair to the opposition.

      So, what keeps econ world from granting him, at the very least, an honorary degree?


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