1. Proof of ‘precious childhood syndrome’? (via Instapundit)

2. Good advice for interpreting statistical evidence. Statisticians I know should read this.

3. Good reading from the Idiot’s Collective blog on Michael Sandel.

4. Michael Sandel thinks waiting in line is a more equitable way to allocate resources than price. I remember a story from last Black Friday about a lady who pulled up late to the Black Friday part and simply offered to buy product vouchers from those who had waited in line. But, I’m sure Sandel would outlaw line privileges.

5. But, Sandel uses price anyway.

4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Just a thought, but why should “time” be a more equitable currency than anything else? My point is, who is to decide what currency we should use to allocate resources? Should we leave this up to our “honest” politicians or our “wise” sages in academia…….or is it more likely that thousands of years of economic history have voted on money as being favorable to time.

    Perhaps Sandel ignores the old adage, “time is money.” Time has it’s own costs and some people substitute time (or waiting in line) in lieu of paying more money for goods and services. Why remove one of the choices? Take the case of individuals in our society who are in high demand and low supply, e.g. a neurosurgeon. Do we really want a neurosurgeon to be forced to wait in line all day if he wants a gallon of milk or should he have the option of paying extra and picking up the gallon of milk at a convenience store without the wait?

    It seems like Sandel and his political brethren have these great ideas – for the rest of us. They push these rules on the rest of us to make things “fair”, but then exempt themselves for a variety of reasons. Sandel would apply the rules to the rest of us, but exempt himself because his time is “too important” because he’s helping the rest of us.

    Typical left-wing crap sandwich dressed up in an Ivy league, smarter-than-thou wrapper.

    • I love the neurosurgeon example, Mike. I agree. I’m baffled by how much attention folks like Sandel receive. Dumb.

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