Question: Why isn’t air traffic control function of the FAA fully funded by air travelers and, instead, partially funded by Federal taxes?

Answer: So the air traffic controllers can be used as political budget pawns.

3 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Similar to the reason Congress will never abandon an income tax system with loopholes and exemptions – controlling the loopholes and exemptions gives Congressmen lots of clout with lobbyists and their special interest groups (i.e. it enables them to collect the rent from the rent seekers).

    • I’ll give the Senate credit here for clarifying the rules of the sequester, but I do agree that rent-seeking is a key barrier to a simpler tax code.

  2. I think what happened with the FAA vote was a response by the REPUBLICANS in the Senate to Obama’s childish, spiteful and angry response to the Republicans refusing to permit him to increase spending and taxes as much as he wanted (please note that they let him raise taxes in January and the sequester did not cut spending, but rather limited the planned increase to a lesser increase). Obama has been purposely using the excuse of the sequester to blame Republicans for inflicting pain on the people. The Senate Republicans called Obama and the Semate Dems out by making it obvious that the pain was not needed. The Senate Dems and Obama would have been clearly exposed as deliberately trying to punish taxpayers for the Republican’s refusal to increase spending and taxes if they had voted against the FAA bill. So, I think it’s a mistake to give the Senate Dems any credit whatsoever.


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