Immortality may be overrated

In last weekend’s Wall Street Journal, Ray Kurzweil discusses his belief that we are closing in on a time where we will be able to upload our brains into the cloud and live forever.

When I first heard of Kurzweil’s belief a few years ago, it got me to thinking about a few things.

If we copy our brain, does our stream of consciousness go with it? I don’t think so. Or maybe so? I doubt it.

Will we care about anything or have any morals? How much of what we care about now is because we have constraints on our time?

How careful will we be if we can regenerate ourselves as easily as when our character is killed in a video game?

Will we care about enjoying good food anymore?  Maybe. If it’s a genuine copy, perhaps we’ll still enjoy good food. But, since our nourishment would come from the grid, maybe it wouldn’t matter how much we ate, but then we’d so much that we’d stop caring anyway.

Could we create our own worlds? Would we care if we interacted with real other people or fake other people?

Could we put ourselves on a ship and explore the universe?  We’d have the time.

Would we get so bored that we just eventually unplug ourselves?

Not sure it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.

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