Idea for Hostess Union Workers

Buy your employer.

That way you can run it however you like and pay yourselves what you like. You’d have nobody to negotiate with but yourselves.

Also:  I’d be willing to bet $20 that we will be able to buy freshly made Twinkies a year from now. Any takers? I don’t see an Intrade market on this.

Also #2: I’m surprised we’ve made it this far without any calls for government to step in and bail Hostess out to save 18,500 jobs.

Are auto workers are more deserving of being bailed out than cupcake workers? Are we more willing to see what really happens in bankruptcy this time?


3 thoughts on “Idea for Hostess Union Workers

  1. Yes, yes, yes. This is an idea I’ve been pushing for some time now. Don’t gripe about the owners of the means of production – buy the means of production! Thank you for backing me up on this.

    From a 2010 post of mine:

    “And so, a suggestion for these large unions:

    “Take those large sums of money you’ve raised from union dues and start a company of your own. Given your vast managerial knowledge, I have no doubt it will be a first-rate success. You can pay your workers a higher salary and, since you’re offering such ‘socially just’ benefits, you’ll no doubt be able to lure the best workers away from those other, less-humane car companies, thus enabling you to build a top-flight product. You can get out from under the Fat Cats, build a better car, and, if you’re lucky, some sanctimonious hipster musician might even write a romantic folk song about you. Go ahead, make it happen. If nothing else, such a venture will keep you busy for a while and give you less time to destroy other people’s property.”

  2. Another Obama bailout plan? Let’s see, 18,500 jobs times $250,000 to $710,000 per job…….let me get my calculator….that’s $4,625,000,000 to 13,135,000,000. Heck, the company only earned $2.5 Billion in 2011


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