It just occurred to me that one reason the news media is obsessed with twisting a typical Republican message of personal responsibility into some sort of tape scandal is to keep our attention away from the disaster brewing in the Middle East.

Try this thought experiment.

Instead of a democratic President, imagine just about any Republican was the incumbent in this election year.

Now consider that American citizens were killed and an embassy destroyed as a result of a terrorist attack on the anniversary of a previous terrorist attack.

That President doesn’t cancel entertainment rounds. He or she goes ahead with fundraisers and is slow to respond and characterize the attack.

Do you think the general news media would be painting over this juicy coverage to make a relatively routine fundraising speech from months ago something that we should be waving our arms over?

I don’t think so either.

The big news story last week was Romney’s response to the terrorist attacks.

I think that backfired as more people found his response to be a bit more ‘presidential’ than the functionary response given by the president. It seemed to have erased the DNC “bump” in the polls.

Also, talking about it reminded people of the trouble brewing in the Middle East.

Enter the red herring of a ‘heavily edited’ fundraising speech from six months ago. That allows the trumped up criticism of Romney to continue without having to remind folks of the Middle East mess.

My prediction: Romney’s fundraising remarks will play as well as his terrorist attack response.

1 thought on “Backfire

  1. Terrorist don’t pull this crap when a Republican is in office. The exception being 9-11.

    The Iranian hostages were released pretty much as Reagan was sworn in. And, if memory serves me correctly, Gaddafi went back in his hole when Bush stood on top of the Trade Center rubble.

    Dems have Iran, 93 WTC attack and now the Arab spring fallout.

    Was Kennedy the last strong Democrat? Would he be considered a Republican by today’s standards?


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