My campaign speech

If I were running for President, this would be my campaign speech:

Folks, the US Debt Credit Rating is expected to be cut. Vote for responsibility.

1 thought on “My campaign speech

  1. Just don’t serve PB&J sandwiches when you court this lady’s vote. It’s become all too evident that the left imagines racism anywhere and everywhere. The time and effort that is wasted blaming non-existent racism as the cause of one’s failures rather than using that same time and effort to actually do something that would lead to one’s success is startling. Unfortunately, the federal government incentivizes and encourages this bad behavior rather than ignoring or discouraging it. Rather than sympathizing with these whiners and enacting more harmful legislation, the federal government should tell these morons to bugger off, grow a pair and get a real job. If any law should be passed, it’s one that prohibits these buffoons from positions in our school systems where they might influence young minds.


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