6 thoughts on “If the Euro goes away…

    • tbh..i know so very little about how all this stuff affects me that im rather glossed over. my supervisor and i were reminiscing about our old hometown newspapers that had a whole page devoted to outright gossip. the opening week of deer season was always the years thickest paper-with several pages devoted to the pictures of all of the hunters and their culls. the reason why these papers did that? they probably couldnt afford any ap or upi articles at all so they only had locally generated news to report..and there wasnt any. hardly anything happens in your immediate vicinity..we are just continuously bombarded with the fanastic news from half a world away.

    • That’s the secret, isn’t it? Get so big that people believe your failure will cause unheard of calamity. Good to hear from you, it’s been awhile.

  1. I sent an email to Tyler Cowan with this picture and he responded in 4 minutes. Man, that guy is on top of things!

    I don’t know if he’ll post it, but I tickled myself and thought I’d pass it along. Can you come up with any other/better soccer analogies?


    • Nice. It would be even better if it said that Greece believe it should be credited with Germany’s first 3 goals and then every other goal after that.


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