Restaurant Impossible

In this post, I wrote about the Food Network show Restaurant Impossible.

Its viewers are interested in whether the show transforms the failing restaurants into successful operations in two days, as my blog gets a fair amount of traffic looking for “Restaurant Impossible success rate“.

As a fan of the show, I too would like to know. The updates at the end of show and on the Food Network’s website are not detailed. I’d like to know if the restaurants became profitable and how profits trended after six months, 1-year and 2-years.

My hunch is that a 2-day intervention doesn’t stick with the owners, cook and wait staff.

These restaurants are in trouble because the owners do not know how to operate a restaurant and don’t seem that interested in learning. They do not know what good customer service is or how to lead, train and coach people. They know little about food preparation, menu design or safe food handling. One cook didn’t think that seasoning chicken made a difference in taste.

1 thought on “Restaurant Impossible

  1. My brother owns a restaurant in Staten Island (Brooklyn’s finest). He has my 80 year old Moma and Dad , three children and wife to support. His business is in financial hardship.
    what can we do to get some help?
    We can use your help before his children loose out on the opportunity of education to better themselves. My parents will die of a broken heart- if they have to give up their home.
    My mom hjust had emergency surgery- I thought I was going to lose her. I am so grateful I can have a second chance to make a difference in their lives.

    Please help!!!!

    Let us know.



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